Clevenger’s Junkyard

Harry Clevenger’s rust-covered junkyard had become something of a myth in the surrounding area. Nestled among mountains long ago blown up to create room for the railroad, Harry Clevenger’s junkyard was originally just a place to put all of the fallen machines he had thrown at the mountain range. Before a larger company moved in to complete the project, Clevenger set up a small little town with the task of tunneling through those ridges. Originally a produce man, his knowledge of construction was slight. But, Clevenger carried a Bible around with him, knowing that if he had faith, it would work.

Clevenger’s associate, Byron Driscoll, had a new type of digging machine that Byron guaranteed Clevenger would speed up the process. The new Driscoll diggers attacked and carved out the areas blown up by Clevenger’s dynamite. The machines were unruly, however, and their large joints began to smash against the new walls, causing setbacks and collapses. Driscoll convinced Clevenger that the incompetence of the workers was leading to the setbacks. When Clevenger tried to convey this message, they left, choosing the thirsty air on the way home to working amongst the metal monstrosities.

Clevenger hired another bunch of people nearby, but by then word was out about the dangers of Driscoll’s machines. Instead of working in the traps, the new batch of people killed Clevenger to take what money he had on him. As part of the raid, they threw the remains of the Driscoll diggers down into a pile. Left alone, the machines began to slowly decompose together. When other prospectors eventually scoped out the area for potential development, one of them stumbled across the hulking corpses rusting away. Next to it was a sign that read “Clevenger’s Junkyard.”