Mazerunner Manifesto

These walls all look the same. It’s designed to keep me away from the goal. But they always underestimate my ability to smell. Each turn is meant to confuse me. The path always changes. What was a left turn yesterday is now a right. If so, then where am I? But they all seem to think I live and direct myself based on turns and directions. Maybe they do that. I always find those unreliable. They can change. They do change, often, for me. But the increase of smell, the undeniable approaching that pulls me forward, that never fails.

Even if I was trying other methods, surrounded be all these white walls and the white floor, I would have nothing to see, nothing to follow. It’s all one uniform hallway that breaks off in various directions. They concoct various dead ends to confuse me. Why? I don’t know. Every time I beat them, I eat in peace. Later, they’ll take me and put me back in the other place, the place of four corners and invisible walls. It seems a futile exercise. But what is it to me if they keep losing? Throw me in this featureless place tomorrow and I will again outsmart them. After all, for a good hunk of cheese, why not?